Media & Achievement

See where my works have been published, interviewed or featured.


[July 29th] Taroutachi (Touken Ranbu) was featured in a Ninja Media‘s video
[May 31st] I made an appearance on Rinrin Japan Festival as a judge for the cosplay contests.
[April] Celina (Quiz RPG) was featured in Cosmode 2015 May
[July 19th] 1st place Singing Contest Natsu Matsuri 2015 -> video

– Featured on Best of DA of CosplayGen vol.19, vol.22, vol.25, vol.26, vol.29, vol.37, vol.42 (as photographer), vol.44




  • Otaku House 2012 Finalist
  • 3rd place Vnsharing Idol 2012
  • 2nd place Singing Contest JOVP 2012


  • 1st place winner for Yeah1 Wonderland cosplay zone 2011 contest.


  • 2nd place winner for TOF 2010 cosplay single contest.
  • 1st place Karaoke Contest Vnsharing 2010

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